So far, the new Monero blockchain and the blockchain before the hard fork have corresponding mining activities. Most of the hash power is still on the blockchain before the Monero hard fork, and they get significantly less powerBitcoin Hexadecimal after the hard fork. This means that the rate of block generation on the new Monero blockchain will be slower, but this situation will stabilize within a few days.

According to Vitalik, the switch to PoS will reduce the energy consumed by Ethereum exchanges by more than a hundred times. He said: PoW is the part that consumes a huge amount of electricity, and the computing power required for blockchain transactions itself is not very large, mainly because the computing power required to verify the digital signature is large.

Fifth, this is not a competition involving the right to speak, power, and interests. We must put Bitcoin Cash in a general environment to judge. Splitting will only make all the participants of Bitcoin Cash a joke in the blockchain and encrypted digital currency. Where can the right to speak, power, and interests be divided? what! In essence, this is a competition of losing money. If any party wants to win, it needs to spend money to maintain, promote, and even lose money to compete in computing power.

Stone further elaborated that if there is a large number of votes for majority consensus, then they should stop the November fork. Users do not need to run BU to vote on these functions, because miners can use mining software to set BIP135 in their block version field.

Gerard's aversion to Bitcoin is very sacred. If he is very ill and Satoshi Nakamoto handed him a special medicine, he is likely to refuse in order to adhere to the principle. He is dissing everything about cryptocurrency every day, but he is especially contemptuous of Bitcoin. After all, this is the source of evil that spawns all cryptocurrencies.

EOS holders can lend their tokens to the Resource Exchange (RE) and obtain REX tokens at the current book value of RE. REX generates fees by lending EOS, therebyBitcoin Hexadecimal increasing book value. Holders of REX tokens can exchange REX for its book value back to EOS at any time.

From the perspective of application scenarios, there are many problems in the industrial ecology of smart contracts based on a pure public chain, especially in the difficulty of identity authentication, and the information on the chain relies on a single point of information source, which makes it difficult for public blockchains to move towards real business. Scenes. Compared with the public chain, the design of the alliance chain is more suitable for actual business scenarios.

The Custodian contract implements flexible permission control through a mechanism called Unlock. The unlocking operation is either from the main account (ie the aforementioned 0xd24400 address) or from any account to send more than 1 ETH to apply. When applying, a callback function (any contract call operation) can be specified. The application needs to wait for a period of time to take effect. The application initiated by the master account needs to wait 2 days, and the application initiated by other accounts needs to wait a week. After the application takes effect, two different administrators need to sign to generate a confirmation transaction (currently there are six administrator accounts). After the two signatures are verified, the Custodian contract will automatically call the previously specified callback function, thus realizing the adjustment of the management mechanism .